Bee Creative Life Drawing in Manchester

In December we launched Bee Creative Studio to great success, we held two life drawing workshops at Bar21 in Northern Quarter. Both workshops were well attended and we received some great feedback. During our workshops we were excited to hear that there were people in attendance enjoying life drawing for the first time as well as some more experienced artists to figure drawing.

Some questions that did crop up with those that were new to the practice of drawing from the nude figure was why is it important, and is it figure drawing or life drawing? Firstly like many artist we use the terms life drawing and figure drawing interchangeably when referring to drawing from the human nude. Secondly, as humans it is only natural that drawing from the figure should play an important role as a subject matter, due the essential role it plays in art education; making each artist aware of how the muscles in the body work, how it operates in the spaces it occupies, composition and special awareness.


At Bee Creative Studio we understand drawing from the nude human figure is fundamental to developing your skills as an artist to accurately see shape while observing human emotion and gesture. We see drawing from life as underpinning the practice of all serious arts, as drawing from life enables you to capture the world and body as it really is. Life drawing means studying forms, proportions, perspectives and shading, movement weight, balance and tension.


The more you draw from the human figure you will begin to observe how the model holds their body; where they are putting weight on some muscles as they balance while positioning other muscles to hold a certain pose and over time you will use these skills in all your art work.

If you have never tired life drawing or you are a beginner, why not join our next workshop date in January. We are holding our workshops on 14th , 21st, 28th in January . Feel free to check out our upcoming dates for more details.